Thursday, April 14, 2011

sweeping and mopping the floors

OK, let me finish the clean-up work here, on this the new improved blog, where basically I just
chat about the history of comics - mostly golden age, nothing newer than 1970. My focus in on the creators and not the creation.  It's on the product and not the "universe".  The folks who created these 10-15 cent comics were human beings, worthy of respect.
  I read my first comic book around 1960 - It was an I Go Pogo, right after that it was Classics Illustrated and Classics Illustrated Juniors, followed by the World Around Us.  And every couple of months, we'd get the new
March of Comics and the (forgettable) Wrangler Rodeo Comics.  Around 1964, it was Dennis the Menace and Disney comics, followed by other Gold Keys, and then in 1966: Batman Pop Tart Comics
(no caption)
Marvel comics in 1968, and comics fandom in 1969.

Wrote for fanzines in the 1970s on, members of various APAs,
senior editor of the Who's Who of American Comic Books
and now here.

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