Monday, March 10, 2014

Current longest running series in Comics

When I first starting reading comics,  most comics publishers  would put their numbers on the front cover - and would encourage you to start collecting the series. This led to comic shops with back issues, so that one could buy issues they missed.  I recall buying comics with numbering in the 300s, inspiring me to think that  maybe one day I would  get those earlier numbers.  How things have changed.
    From the March 2014 Diamond catalogue for comics to be sold in May.

Longest running series:

   Avengers #30

Dark Horse
   BPRD Hell on Earth #119

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You #45
   (Looney Tunes published bi-monthly, and not out this month)

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #34

Spawn #243
Witchblade #175
Savage Dragon #197
the Walking Dead #127
Invincible #112

and others over 100 issues
Femforce #167

Antartic Press:
Gold Digger #212
Ninja High School solicited an issue recently

Archie #656
Archie Double Digest #251
Sonic The Hedgehog #261
and other bi-monthly titles not offered this month

no Simpson Comics offered this month

Grimm Fairy Tales #97 (sure to make 100)

It's possible I missed some, but obviously the trend is toward mini-series and away from long running
comics.  It may make very good economic sense for the company, but it does make long consecutive runs of a title much less likely for a collector to collect.  Therefore a massive change, and likely to deeply affect "the hobby".

personal note: so where have I been?  
1) moved from the east coast to the Rocky Mountains
2) various illnesses and surgeries, an illness  that saps the energy being the worst
3) annoyance at doing research and having folks re-write an article as their own.
And how has your year gone?