Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mickey Klar Marks at Timely

Mickey Klar Marks left her mark on comics, literally.  First, She wrote a lot of text pages which are credited to her.   Second, she left her record books to the University of Mississippi, so we know what comic stories she wrote as well, Well sorta, as she didn't list where these stories appeared, but rather when she was paid.
And yes. she was paid for work for Timely.   As one can see from the short list below, she didn't write much for Timely, 1 text story in 1946, 9 humor stories in 1948, and 2 text stories in 1949.

Mickey Klar Marks (1914-1986)
Work for Timely
Record book (alphabetically arranged by UofM).

Annie Oakley: Cooking Without Gas 1948 8 pp
Annie Oakley:  Garden Rodeo 1948 7pp

Heads In The Clouds 1949 3pp text

Millie Does It Up Brown  1948 7pp

Mitzi:  Dean Mitizi 1948 10pp
Mitzi:  Lydia Sees Red 1948 7pp
Mitzi: The Overnight Garden 1948 9pp

Nellie the Nurse:  Nellie Cures All 1948 7pp
Nellie the Nurse:  The Taxi Ambulance 1948 8pp
Nellie the Nurse:  The Victor Doesn't Always Win 1948 7pp

Shred of Evidence 1949 6pp text
The Wrong Foot 1946 6pp text

Using and
we see Marks credited with
Junior Miss #37 December 1949  Operation Romance 5pp illustrated story
we can also find
 A Shred of Evidence 2pp text story  code# 5315  Tex Taylor #8 December 1949
 Heads In The Clouds 1pp text story   code#6065   Georgie Comics #24 November 1949
reprinted in Georgie Comics #32 August 1951

Can anyone else figure out which stories these are?